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I'm on a roll! It's strange - this is technically the busiest year I've ever had, but I've written more in two months than I did all last year.

It's a Kingdom Hearts story this time - my first since 'Take This Key'. Anyway, I really need to get on to writing some Aqua.

Title: Unbreakable Chains
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Author: starling-night
Genre: Character study, psychological
Pairings: None
Rating: K
Words: 4,109 
Summary:  These are the things Sora knows: he has a heart. He loves his friends. He’s the keyblade’s chosen one. He hates Organization XIII and he doesn’t have a choice, because he has to do what he has to do, to save the world and save his friends. And sooner or later, one way or another, he's going to win this thing. It's only a matter of time.

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These are the things Roxas knows: )


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Title: Take This Key
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Sora, Ventus, Vanitas, Aqua, Terra, Kairi, Riku
Status: Complete/Oneshot
Words: 6,828
Spoilers: Kh2 and BBS
Rated: K+
Summary: After returning from the Realm of Darkness, Sora tries to put it all behind him, but it's hard when he's dreaming of people he's never met and there's a cruel voice in his head that sounds far too much like his own. Just who is this Ven, anyway? Sora just wants to be himself. Problem is, he's not sure if he has a himself anymore...

Read more...It’s strange. He knows he must be dreaming, but it feels like part of him is waking up. )





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