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 Title: Down South Jukin’

Author: starling-night
Warnings:  Language, excessive Australianness, ridiculous jokes about Australianness, barbecue shapes, US!envy, tall poppy syndrome
Humor, gen.

Dean, Sam, Bobby
An AU in which Sam and Dean swear a lot, drive a Holden, call each other mate, hunt drop bears, and complain about America - or at least Dean does. It seems Sam’s been having trouble with the whole national pride thing lately, though that’s nothing a bit of footy won’t fix…right? Right.


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 Title: Let Her Under Your Skin, Into Your Heart

Author: starling_night
PG-13. Gen.
Warnings: Mild gore.
Length: ~2,600
Genre: Horror, drama, h/c
Characters: Eleven, Amy
Summary: Someone’s figured out a way to save lives that involves painkillers, regeneration, and a lot of surgery. It’s not much fun for the Doctor - but it's saving people, and isn't that worth the price?

Also here at AO3.


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 Title: have a good life, do it for me

Author: starling-night

Jess, Dean, Sam, Castiel, OFC
Jess is brought back to a world that’s moved on without her, and the only thing she can think of to do is find Sam. Still, that’s easier said than done. Takes place during s6.


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I'm on a roll! It's strange - this is technically the busiest year I've ever had, but I've written more in two months than I did all last year.

It's a Kingdom Hearts story this time - my first since 'Take This Key'. Anyway, I really need to get on to writing some Aqua.

Title: Unbreakable Chains
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Author: starling-night
Genre: Character study, psychological
Pairings: None
Rating: K
Words: 4,109 
Summary:  These are the things Sora knows: he has a heart. He loves his friends. He’s the keyblade’s chosen one. He hates Organization XIII and he doesn’t have a choice, because he has to do what he has to do, to save the world and save his friends. And sooner or later, one way or another, he's going to win this thing. It's only a matter of time.

Crossposted to ffnet and AO3.


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 And another fic! Trying to finish all this stuff before school starts...

Title: The Taste Of Flames
Fandom: Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
Genre: Psychological, Angst
Summary: When Nick loses his badge, Maya is determined to help him recover it. Whatever the price, she’s willing to pay it, even if that means letting an old enemy in – and by then it’s too late to turn back. Maya/Phoenix, of a sort.
Characters: Maya Fey, Phoenix Wright, Dahlia Hawthorne, Mia Fey, Pearl Fey

Maya reflects that it must be an example of some twisted humour on the world’s part that the worst thing possible had to happen on such an absolutely perfect day... )

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Posting my latest fic here! Also crossposted to and Archive Of Our Own.

Title: Almost Like Flying
Genre: Psychological, Drama, Angst
Summary: A scyther is captured, and she hates it - right up until she doesn't. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on who you ask.
Characters: Scyther, Lyra/Kotone, Typhlosion
Notes: Set in gameverse Johto, with Lyra from HG/SS as the 'player character'. And just as a heads up, I do enjoy playing the games.
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In terms of writing, of course.

So here on the internets I've noticed that many literary analysis people severely dislike writing done in first person present tense. I can see why this would be a problem - it can be severely misused.
So then of course I wondered if I was doing it wrong. So I go to my page, and...well, let's look at the figures.

First person: 7
Third person: 10

Not bad, but...

Present tense: 13
Past tense: 4

First person present: 6
Third person past: 2

(The rest are third person present or first person past.)

I don't know, but the FPPS style is just so easy and natural for me that it's difficult to make myself write in other styles. This is likely to be a problem, because 'easy and natural' does not equal 'actual good writing'. It just means I don't get writers' block as much with that style, or have problems imagining what I'm going to say.

So. I've been vaguely trying to wean myself off first person. My more recent stories are all in third person. But I'm currently writing a fic about Rena's perspective of Onikakushi-hen, and I tried so hard, but I couldn't imagine it in anything but first person, and so I went 'OK but it has to be past tense', but then it was crap and I changed it, and now I'm justifying it being FPPS with the fact that the visual novels are like It's gotta stop sometime, but I don't even know. I'm not even concretely sure what the problems with FPPS are, so not enough motivation to change, either.

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Title: Take This Key
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Sora, Ventus, Vanitas, Aqua, Terra, Kairi, Riku
Status: Complete/Oneshot
Words: 6,828
Spoilers: Kh2 and BBS
Rated: K+
Summary: After returning from the Realm of Darkness, Sora tries to put it all behind him, but it's hard when he's dreaming of people he's never met and there's a cruel voice in his head that sounds far too much like his own. Just who is this Ven, anyway? Sora just wants to be himself. Problem is, he's not sure if he has a himself anymore...

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Title – Faith, Hope, Love
Author – Starling-Night
Genre - Psychological, Drama
Rating – 16+
Status - Oneshot
Pairing – Phoenix/Maya...or not.
Spoilers – All games
Summary - First, he lost his badge. Then he lost Maya. And now Phoenix Wright will do anything at all to get her back, because he has faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love. Darkfic.

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This. Fic.


Look, just go check the above fic linked right now. No matter what you think at first, just keep reading. I'm serious. Even when you're getting bored and wonder why I rec'd this crap, just keep reading. Skim if you want. Just read the whole thing. holy shit.
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Title: Not Yet
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Character: Godot, Mia, Phoenix
Pairing: Onesided (kind of) Godot/Mia
Genre: Angst, etc
Summary: When he learns that Mia Fey is dead, Godot refuses to cry. After all, a lawyer can only cry when it's all over, right? But maybe, just maybe, Diego Armando hasn't been completely burnt away into ash. Not yet.

Diego Armando lived on for a short while after he came back from the dead... )
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AU from The Pandorica Opens, written before The Big Bang aired in Australia. Enjoy!


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Feb. 16th, 2010 07:26 pm
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A Citie Watche Fanfic, set in the Discworlde.


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