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 And another fic! Trying to finish all this stuff before school starts...

Title: The Taste Of Flames
Fandom: Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
Genre: Psychological, Angst
Summary: When Nick loses his badge, Maya is determined to help him recover it. Whatever the price, she’s willing to pay it, even if that means letting an old enemy in – and by then it’s too late to turn back. Maya/Phoenix, of a sort.
Characters: Maya Fey, Phoenix Wright, Dahlia Hawthorne, Mia Fey, Pearl Fey

Maya reflects that it must be an example of some twisted humour on the world’s part that the worst thing possible had to happen on such an absolutely perfect day... )

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Title – Faith, Hope, Love
Author – Starling-Night
Genre - Psychological, Drama
Rating – 16+
Status - Oneshot
Pairing – Phoenix/Maya...or not.
Spoilers – All games
Summary - First, he lost his badge. Then he lost Maya. And now Phoenix Wright will do anything at all to get her back, because he has faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love. Darkfic.

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Title: Not Yet
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Character: Godot, Mia, Phoenix
Pairing: Onesided (kind of) Godot/Mia
Genre: Angst, etc
Summary: When he learns that Mia Fey is dead, Godot refuses to cry. After all, a lawyer can only cry when it's all over, right? But maybe, just maybe, Diego Armando hasn't been completely burnt away into ash. Not yet.

Diego Armando lived on for a short while after he came back from the dead... )


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