Jul. 2nd, 2011

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In terms of writing, of course.

So here on the internets I've noticed that many literary analysis people severely dislike writing done in first person present tense. I can see why this would be a problem - it can be severely misused.
So then of course I wondered if I was doing it wrong. So I go to my ff.net page, and...well, let's look at the figures.

First person: 7
Third person: 10

Not bad, but...

Present tense: 13
Past tense: 4

First person present: 6
Third person past: 2

(The rest are third person present or first person past.)

I don't know, but the FPPS style is just so easy and natural for me that it's difficult to make myself write in other styles. This is likely to be a problem, because 'easy and natural' does not equal 'actual good writing'. It just means I don't get writers' block as much with that style, or have problems imagining what I'm going to say.

So. I've been vaguely trying to wean myself off first person. My more recent stories are all in third person. But I'm currently writing a fic about Rena's perspective of Onikakushi-hen, and I tried so hard, but I couldn't imagine it in anything but first person, and so I went 'OK but it has to be past tense', but then it was crap and I changed it, and now I'm justifying it being FPPS with the fact that the visual novels are like that...eh. It's gotta stop sometime, but I don't even know. I'm not even concretely sure what the problems with FPPS are, so not enough motivation to change, either.


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